Blockchain, Trusted Partner in Tracking Personal Data Exchanges

Bruno Delcombel-Delbos | 2019.11.19 | #Tech

(Article published in: Stratégies. Supplément AdTech, no. 2015, Nov. 14 2019, p. 9)

In a competitive and regulated advertising market, tracking data exchanges has an increasingly high intrinsic value. Bruno Delcombel-Delbos, co-founder of Chandango®, explains his vision on the use of blockchain as a trusted supplier.

In 2017, you launched the CMP AppConsent®, an Internet consent management solution. What is the context of your solution?

BRUNO DELCOMBEL-DELBOS : In a market where internet user data is a precious asset for all involved in the online advertising value chain, it's necessary to quickly demonstrate your expertise and inspire trust. AppConsent® Premium is a powerful tool focused exclusively on obtaining consent. Not only is it an approach centered on the user experience, but this solution also relies on blockchain and cryptography, in order to ensure a level of security going beyond the regulatory prerequisites.

How is blockchain technology a response to market challenges?

BDD : One of the fundamental aspects of blockchain is that it cannot be altered or forged. By building our solutions on our private blockchain, Chainsaw, we guarantee the auditability of consent and therefore its compliance. As a trusted intermediary, the use of this technology offers everyone within the chain a privileged position in the online advertising market.

How does your new solution AppConsent® Xchange fit into the relationship between those in the market?

BDD : What generates value for all involved is the Consent + Data combination. Our solution therefore ensures the origin of the data and makes it usable for advertisers. By bringing transparency to the mechanisms for collecting consent and data, the publisher enters into a relationship of trust with its public and its customers. Advertisers can therefore count on the reliability of the data to which they have access. The use of our technology ensures continuity between the publisher's offer and the advertiser's transaction. Also, by recording the history of Publisher-Advertiser contracts, AppConsent® Xchange provides the various parties with more control and visibility as to the origin and destination of the data exchanged. This also makes it possible to limit the risk of fraud by making them tamper-proof. It is therefore an invaluable sign of trust for professionals in the sector.

What are the benefits of data tracking for advertisers?

BDD : Data linked to its consent, or more generally to its legal basis, is data that can be used by all market participants. Guaranteeing its compliance, this combination allows them to lead commercial strategies that are better targeted, thanks to up-to-date and auditable data and in respecting the confidentiality of their customers. Modeled on an anti-fraud system, the data is recorded from end to end, which makes it possible to control their delivery and their use. Thanks to this tracking, the data's use is adapted according to its source and its destination, and the media investments are thus secured and optimized. In this way, AppConsent® Xchange creates an ecosystem based on trust between the parties, and helps to preserve the value of the data exchanged.